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Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow 2017 – Day 2 (Full Show)

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Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] it means the electric light mysterious the bat’leth [Music] .


   Oh [Music] why ain’t insulted you know that is with his own Southeast of .

   England including London it was led by air vice-marshal Keith Park when the trailer group took in the .

   East Coast [.

   Applause] team coach ready anyway to the aircraft engine pulling that parachute to meet at the greatest height to give you the best display they’re looking around now to make sure their parachutes of open fully making sure they give controllers candidates to the ground there cities ripe they can then reserves to the team coach flight sergeant Kelly Marshburn this is his final display for the world .

   Air Force Falcons and elitist team down [Music] attention when they leave go round this is precision parachuting at it’s very best you think of the wind up there they’re fighting the wings you’ll be able to get back into their slots today they send each structures from all over the world to be charged by our instructors here in Great Britain and doesn’t that make you proud to be British okay return today to have okay [Music] [.

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   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] backtrack to the runway to do parking spots we are waiting now for the arrival [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] sergeant eyes away they’ll be coming back to the first one action of this slave following on from opening later and my great pleasure to welcome back to the once again from the RF [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] then they get well get much better than that occasion by some a loose key the Shuttleworth collections see how can one be because the .

   Americans that were the so-called hurry cats modified with the addition of [Music] – [Music] [Music] the way the aircraft operated just in tribute to service that particular hurricane .

   Americans but also to safety and choosing where’s the cork whenever he three seven one seven takes to the air a splendid way to start this airshow and we ought to all through the display the pilots who flew those six aircraft for us today and then we have Dave Harvey five Denise Q grants pink all stone the attachment and mark 11 but no no we continue with the water [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] face [.

   Applause] so the seventh character in today’s display this mark to see from the Royal .

   Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight adding to the six that we saw in formation earlier on and it adds another set of very distinctive markings to the array that we’ve seen on the Hurricanes on display here this weekend because hurricane visa 865 of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight the last of the fourteen and a half thousand hurricanes that were produced named for many years the last of the many [Music] [Music] you smiling was at the controls of the hurricane they all returns [Music] [Music] lost the series of the Hammond th 60 light aircraft is my crazy a private pilot and a founder of the tech an engine company that maintains these lovely vintage aircraft factories what is left is a remarkable man David’s sister a former R.

   AF fighter pilot flying Upton’s and lightnings who’s a to say a loser this way on is right is david wild rich now a former fighter pilots flying phantoms and tornadoes it’s a bikini player and you will see him on television shortly where he will be teaching the TV comedian Jack Whitehall how to play and the final map on the left of the final is Steve Smith a pilot very many years back to do the very same evening now this thick formation we saw is very important and cameras ready as they come from right to left in the box formation running in their box and make it look easy .

   Allah true this is the sound of those my wonderful de Havilland major engines have over 30 volts by each collectively about the same all-stars our early learning you might find in a monster or something make this look easy in fact they are having to fight the wind look to my aircraft formation display teams in the country the premier one of course being the right arrows and the second different technique called the swarm which indeed is something that has been taken up by fighter pilots ever since and it was the successful fighter fighter pilots in the Battle of Britain who disobeyed the orders to stay in tight formation and did their own thing or had loose formation with a wingman who were where they lived longer they were more successful and they went danced by the Germans the other team is coming from left to right in big thick formation which in this way is very difficult to do again worthwhile hitting a photograph of this in these guys .

   I say there’s a difficult a calf to fly well they fly it beautifully such street lights [Music] no he was a trainer .

   I went out in September 1939 with the British .

   Expeditionary Force in well .

   I used to tell you lucky wise to trot away this is the synchro pair which is Steve Danielle Smith on the left like a medieval charging Knights might seem running tight lofts and they’ll give clothes so again you’re going to be very quick with your camera to get a shot of this [Music] driving towards it ready for the bust and do love your cameras medievalist this is a lovely Ricki eh nobody they even built a version of the title off Phil sighs it was the first scale – never a flag just wave because they won’t be able to hear you but they will be able to see you and if they spoke to you then you wave back it’s sort of lovely cycle to people in fun enjoy the Ducks world handicapped race has the weapons miles covered to it’s easy Tiger is it .

   I go to the one favorite reply .

   Adam block next up it’s tabloids edited by David sister next we have .

   I when it’s formalities have to do [.

   Applause] [Music] and that’s some of the changes to the aircraft the aircraft itself was .


   Orion specification 31 [Music] the d7 antenna in place of the twin wasp but soon the design developed into something more [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] later the .

   Army .

   Air Forces ordered the p40 .

   April 1939 same time they all did small batches of the Lockheed p-38 lightning of developing 39 and our Cobra [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] in the radiator aerodynamically efficient though the early forties were never the best it must be really cute [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] in tribute mood stallion breakage said you came to school the operational theaters in which people tease [.

   Applause] as before we see Molly warm the earlier December 1941 that triggered the .

   American entry into World War two [.

   Applause] [Music] .


   Oh Stephen was the enthusiastic user of the people diseases well supplied the USSR [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] because we now say a solution [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] Mediterranean North .

   Africa and in the Middle .

   East like by .

   American British .

   Australian and South .

   African pilots in [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Laughter] because these places change a greater exposure on the 65 [.

   Applause] and absolutely to others [Music] [Music] interesting distrait stability wall he went to the army and all US .

   Army .

   Air Corps about .

   April instead of passing field in .


   Ohio when it went we’ve it was based in Puerto Rico where the aircraft for coastal patrols and anti-submarine patrols back tonight [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] highly polished metal everything else is in fact that Harvard station aircraft based at Wrigley Field in Kansas used by senior officers [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] display the pointing there are stations airfield kids in the chief pilot of the photo collection was at the controls of the people if you think you were talking about duck suits in wartime history is a rich history but there’s a lot of misinformation in our speaker largely due to the movie the Battle of Britain where is a dramatic scene where the airfield comes under attack formation there is on the attention they gave up on the attacks of the R.

   AF for the switcher particularly to London the around the site aren’t there take that at various points those sports today if you can compare and contrast and yes they is such a wonderful to Lucifer does the desert Pedro’s better .

   I find especially for the Flying Legends show [Music] [Music] it doesn’t sound right different profile as well on the Berlin powered Spanish built miss parlo Lucia as compared to the time limits BB 6:05 injured BF 109 of activity now so watch so you can enjoy .

   I’ll be proud of these engines [Music] the space here from blazing fire number two flying trainees learn the interventions needed slang like to be fighter 23 that R.

   AF Duxford collect became a fighter state was nineteen and twenty nine squadrons and 19 squadron was to stay until become the first .

   Aria operation responders to receive the venue supergreens to fly [Music] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] – the way this movie’s a field [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] well in fact initially it’s the other way around the roles for the moment been reversed the two yaps trying to evade the 109 [.

   Applause] [Music] testing smaller lines up to create the three the Ksenia [Music] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] and they’ll be moving in for the kill electrically quite a lot during the battle of kursk of July to .

   August 1943 that permit crucial engagement for Soviets in terms of getting the upper hand against German forces on the .

   Eastern Front – bleep hot be yet free by the standards of the day .

   I still speed than other fighters it was short-range obvious trade-off between [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] the planets to engage certain types of yak fighter in lower level of dogfights because the likelihood was that the unit could make mincemeat of the bleep must be said that story .

   I think is probably apocryphal the f3 was used primarily as a low-level fighter and rather than as a bomber escort fighter [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] there [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] in unit 3 1945 war in .

   Europe over the French pilots of their Soviet aircraft returned we found online including notably simpler level consoles and everybody [.

   Applause] both of the trees in this display examples the was in Foshan taking the grass and the [Music] during the depreciation alaa to yak fries were flowing the great style today by Richard Bruce we have five days today we’ve got to the .

   EDR one Papa triplanes a song with triplane the be2c and .

   Alison five .

   I should just warn you that this displays us carrying quite a lot the pyrotechnics [Music] le docteur Steve’s ladies beautiful back TV to see that followed by the Triffids the subway time playing game first and then they have mistakable forms of the two the are ones with my dentist [Music] yes .

   I have a way to do it if you can in these conditions isn’t it my father is coming towards the section PSC 5 means he’s coming into time [.

   Applause] [Music] you [Music] .

   I replaced [.

   Applause] graduated he thought suitable for the less experienced pilots being rushed to the Western face at the time [Music] displaying the but then it’s going to .

   Erica we’re on its way to bid [.

   Applause] [Music] result [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] please don’t have your flags and as we get to that song what you’re flying because the allowed lost time with the promise [Music] [.

   Applause] our naval combine now first plenums were to number-14 squadron that’s Huntington in March 1937 they replaced the opening one of the light bombers is the favorite series of fortify plane fighters the week [.

   Applause] [Music] ooh a secret presented by two of the fighters of that line the liberal heir of the fury in today’s display Burkhardt using the gusty wind the idea of the progress the Blenheim represented the top speed of the hawk mine was 186 miles an hour life of the Lenape was 260 miles an hour [Music] [.

   Applause] without sort of performance the variants and potential of the people with a larger navigator station in two [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] we declared war against Germany on the 3rd of September 1939 there were more Bledington R.

   AF service nearly 1100 of them that any other single aircraft type and the earliest R.

   AF operation elections of world war ii all involved plenums it was another one three nine squadron aircraft from .

   Inferno reconnaissance sortie [Music] that became the first British aircraft to overfly Germany firing the start of the war and the firing day the 4th of September 1939 aircraft from numbers 107 and war mouth-watering dessert R.

   AF Waddington it suffered the bomber commands first rate of hostilities they attacked the German fleet important films [Music] but that was because what had been a fast aeroplane by the standards of two or three years earlier was by now vulnerable to enemy fighters but nonetheless the relevant crews continue to do tremendous work in all of this aircraft rods and in all of the theaters in which they operated as far as the Battle of Britain was concerned the Blenheim wanteth fighter variant some of them were fitted with the mark 3 .


   I able intercept radar Lee began achieving successes the 3rd of July 1940 shooting down the Dornier do 17 and Papa ourselves bill [Music] [.

   Applause] and in 1941 planets were flying in any theaters in northern .

   Europe and it’s .

   Iranian the Middle .

   East and the Far .

   East it was that year that the boss of the Milano 5 squadron when commander Tiffany .

   Edwards was awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallantry during a daylight raid against the German city of flavor on the 4th of July 1941 [.

   Applause] this one was originally built by Fairchild in Canada that they’ve really restored one bleonard which unfortunately was lost in this world was restored to fly make the place if not equality free then it was along those before you did if there is different guidance three into a bubble car [.

   Applause] sleeeeep 18:20 [.

   Applause] [Music] our ballistic fire they could be adapted for use by the fleet there are because there were shortages of more bespoke they will find these [.

   Applause] taking priority the first ten times will be made lies and service training .

   Apple modified to become c-51 be statistic year for carrier relations in large we use for training [.

   Applause] [Music] those operations saw the time Thursday to err victory when sub-lieutenant George Baldwin fly demarked to see see far away those seven squadron [.

   Applause] [Music] nice squadron participates in .


   Operation Torch while four carriers did so alongside opposite [Music] [.

   Applause] to see fires were assisting an operation to provide fighter cover 83 were damaged or written off in routines again lumely on deck but it wasn’t affected air-to-air webform that was born out in the Pacific Theater when it pretty fast early .

   Imperial Japanese daily fight retirements BGM 6 M 0 they lay their mark at the far eastern Pacific campaigns [Laughter] [Music] [.

   Applause] this very airplane in my place [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] Corsair was it clean when it came to its suitability for carrier operations and so the US Marine Corps using the airport during her campaign lady they will being very happy to sign them at least to come over Chris Connelly was commanding people may be historic flight control aircraft in very much it’s for to displaying it next to fight his way to the teeth create a home floor the world the lasting memorial to a remarkable airplane it demonstrates the place very beautiful progress in the years [Music] Coursera massively impressive airplane and actively distinctive one as well because that inverted gull wing configuration that was because they needed to incorporate folding wings well it’s totally huge propeller sufficient ground clearance when it first appeared the Corsair was the fastest sailing and .

   American fighter of it today faithful to exceed 400 miles now and the Whitney .


   E they did so before the events Navy the majority of wartime Corsair missions were actually flown for a basis rather than carriers just affected in the ads we’re wrong they cool Sam tell me or the heavy fire his life the unanimous in their photo keeps killing as that work sets the Corsair apart from other fighters of the era is contraction [.

   Applause] the and the in front restoration company also very experienced in the overall radial engine against this aircraft up to a top speed of 400 knots some 460 miles an hour water machine it is the gestation of this design 75 years ago the R.

   AF [.

   Applause] suitable is equated the aeroplane moment it’s prevent the establishment tested it in May 1945 its postures down this is not suitable for death operation the venoms the rudder ineffective release of the engine respondents slowly and irregularly to throttle movements an acceleration during takeoff is not as good as expected there were a lot of enhancements made to the design and from late 1945 when on tenancy Fury started replaced the sea fire as the primary and primary carrier all the fighter of the Fleet .

   Air .

   Arm [Music] it’s 1952 there’s an aerial engagement a curve that was to go down in the annals of displeased era but also British combat aviation history the only British out to air tell of the Korean War flight of sea furies was involved one of them shot down a communist flown mig-15 jet fighter of the time we’re going to be seeing a little later on in the program [.

   Applause] .

   Aries BC fury when .

   Isis before information they well have been this time eats equal other than his gun sites in Korea [Music] even here these days with the very emotional they would provide [Music] is still [Music] [.

   Applause] we saw earlier capable of a top speed of 340 miles an hour the C theory FB 11 could get to 460 and really wasn’t much in the way of developed Richard races the fury in a very nice landing on the hardline fight one of the absolute rising stars of the warbird see he flies with such great style for them to get the best expression in one of the ultimate all this division fighters the Hawker fury possibly Harvard waitress bill to make your beats ooh the kattiline was developed in the mid 1930s when the US Navy recognized that there was a growing sector of Japan through its interests in the Pacific and that he would need a new cleaners went on to be used in almost all theaters of World War two they started out in the Pacific they’ve moved on to the Battle of the .

   Atlantic where they’re wrong proved absolutely crucial in bridging the so-called u-boat gap it was there at the North .

   Atlantic where German submarines roamed assisted by of fw 200 condor maritime attack aircraft and the problem before the .

   Allies was that it was out of range of existing last aircraft and posing a threat to the supply convoys that was so vital in keeping Britain supplied 1945 serving aboard angels vengeance in the Pacific Theater area [Music] [Music] ladies part in the battle there are pilots flying both in their own squadrons 20 .

   I’d like to buy ourselves a share be mostly sick severe plagues only display to find out good speech the jet age will return for the only time in today’s program little Weejun .

   Air Force historical sport [.

   Applause] we’re the only .

   American aircraft to see combat during the battle pretty terrific builds aircraft that is they videos replace the Gloucester seat gladiators that 8:04 had flown before that through .


   October 1940 onwards just before the official end of the battle they were stationed at ski brain [.

   Applause] Christmas 1940 over the basement [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we shot down two the Fleet .

   Air .

   Arm which started calling the Wildcats just like the .

   Americans did from 1944 onwards served in the Western Desert they’ve provided fighter cover on d-day since the invasion stripes on this particular example they also provided fighter cover in the later attack in 1944 against the German battleship tirpitz [.

   Applause] it was 20% likely there are very swordfish differently to pilots a slight Larry and Christian come on Flying .


   Officer John crochet over to tennis for the other of Canadian quite active David Horne L of the born six to squadron same things example operated from the dog food in .

   Italy you see the miss pick up don’t resort on the side of the airplane it’s marked up as the email on the .

   Air Force’s .


   Oh a ten a rescue catalina used for as rescue mission is towards the end of the war y v emergency rescue squadron entails worth inlets suffer [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] in spoilers the .

   Air Force historical sporting [Music] .


   Oh [Music] we teach with you getting into the ads with your boss [Music] [.

   Applause] displaying a little water of the docks for 2018 [Music] could be places [Music] what started out as the Douglas sleeper transport the Douglas dc-3 known to the US .

   Army .

   Air Forces as the c-47 skytrain it’s like that craft is the one in the lead encircle the us night their first in its name dragon root and this aircraft did indeed drag a boot on campus operations [Music] savvy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] the tune you [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] in from the left [Laughter] [.

   Applause] [Music] at the time of the battle it helps us reflect on the genius of [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] of the other 12 in formation here few words of Winston Churchill it means to be newly appointed Prime Minister as spoken in the House of Commons on the 16th of June 14 today France fell [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] see [Music] .


   Oh [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Laughter] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Laughter] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] and dearly take each place in the rear [Music] finding 600 they unfortunately have to pass on the brownies team back when we link them the arrival of the citizenry come on a very special finale as far as these 36 of the people of the people concerned [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] our stations [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] important throughout the world turning the tide of the world war by their private in the field of human by nope turn your attention please to the right and get ready to remarkable combination and gladiator [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] we are do you [Music] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] do you take each place in the Rio about Madhavi tonight gladiator is broken away and the plenum will be leaning around one more time for the break to land on return to this famous airfield and some moments for quiet reflection in salute to the Battle of Britain [Music] [Music] well in all these don’t come much better form activate one the supplies display the collection in the historical collection both be quite candidly Martin Phillips the aircraft restoration company and historic flying aircraft restorations richard lake are the old flying machine company she’s leading in the race the two-seater ever will be Charlie Jones Chris conga Steve Jones also flew the mark 14 as the Joker Dave Ratcliffe clips pink a really powerful in formation at the end of the show very comprehensive very detailed briefing on it for the other pilot asked even the similarity of the different types involved a slender effort then we have the 3 Sigma [Music] goodnight [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] to marketing a moment ago to be honest [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] [Music] [.

   Applause] the fire department [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] .

   I’m ready coupon – yeah go ahead it doesn’t work [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music]

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