Luxury Resort Living, Lazy River, 4 Water Falls, Theater, Casita, 5BD, 2 DEN, 2 LOFT, 6BA, 5838 Sqft

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Transcrição oh [Music] all right what’s up everybody another day another property tour so today i’m here in the city of the las vegas and uh we are just west of the 15 in a mass planning community called southern highlands and the.

    Name of this.

    Neighborhood is tuscan cliffs this is a gargated.

    Neighborhood there’s three different developers here you had blue herring and i believe a company called pacific something and also william lyon homes so today we are going to be touring this property this is amazing property guys this property is one of the few properties here in las vegas that actually has a beautiful lazy river that’s right a lazy river so this property right here features a two-story 5838 square feet five bedrooms two dens and a loft i mean this thing literally has a theater room an elevator there’s so much with this home it is unbelievable this is a corner lot and this is one of the few homes that has a large lot it’s unbelievable what you’ll.

    Notice is that the homes out here that’s going to be a more of a tuscan theme the owner and the agent of the property literally gutted this home in bringing a designer and redesigned his home this is unbelievable i mean if you just look at the driveway with the pet um pebble tech.

    Nice stamped concrete the vegetation here is just gorgeous everything just seems so fake i mean this is gonna be a long video guys but it’s definitely gonna be worth it wait till you guys see the backyard this is like resorts world here okay i promise you this property also has a casino too as well with a private entry so here’s your beautiful eight foot door solid wood that takes you right into this courtyard here then you have your beautiful stamped concrete but i mean look how gorgeous this tuscan theme is and as we step into this courtyard you can already hear the water and here’s a sneak peek of this beautiful lazy river i’m going to take you all the way around that would be the entry for the casita here’s your front entry here love the stack stone.

    Now what you’re gonna.

    Notice is that every single room has lighting throughout this whole house.

    Now take a look at this entry as we walk in look at the flooring here this is all custom marble and i’m just going to pan this up slowly and you have a beautiful wallpaper and it’s made of uh i believe it’s cork wallpaper and you have this little metallic paint that’s on here when the light hits it what you’re going to.

    Notice is there’s like all different types of colors that reflect i mean this home is gorgeous kind of gives you that beach coastal feel.

    Now we’re going to start off on this side right here i’m going to take you into an office there’s actually two offices here we have his and hers and this is hers again everything has been fully upgraded we have.

    Nine foot ceilings with the tray ceiling here it’s going to be a total of 10 feet beautiful chandelier and you have luxury vinyl with the eight inches on the baseboards and look at this you do have your six foot door here take you guys into this first bathroom you got marble flooring marble town beautiful vessel sink i mean this thing just has so much offer look at this wallpaper i don’t know how to act right.

    Now i’m just a kid in the candy store also if you guys want more information about this property i’ll have a link in the description below look at that let’s start off with this room right here beautiful chandelier love the color palette again you got the tray just a lot of color a lot of vibrant colors so i love this door right here i mean every single angle you have just a beautiful.

    Nice view of this home you’re literally bringing the outdoors in right here we just have a closet here okay down here we have an elevator in a room so this room right here is a 13 by 14 room it’s just a standard room however let me show you this bathroom real quick we’re.

    Not going to go in the office but i mean just take a look at how gorgeous this bathroom is just the design alone very creative.

    Now here we have the elevator that takes you to the second floor you guys know that i don’t really like elevators this right here is the theater room this is a seven seat theater room okay and it does tear up give you a better angle here so i believe the screen is about a hundred and something inches it’s a very large screen so.

    Now let me just take you guys back here we do have a three car garage orange peel texture so here’s your laundry room.

    Now it was your laundry room but they turned this into a valet so basically they move this laundry room upstairs and i’m going to show you exactly what they did too it’s unbelievable okay beautiful built-ins so you have some closet space here.

    Now here’s your formal dining you got the tray ceiling with the crown beautiful chandelier again beautiful wallpaper i mean it has so much upgrades attention to detail here’s jill the owner of the property and also the seller jill i forgot to ask you is the furniture included in the sale of this transaction it is.

    Not if there was someone who absolutely had to have something then we can.

    Negotiate there you go.

    Now let me show you how beautiful this kitchen is you have two islands i think that these islands are uh 12 by 5 feet are there 12×5 on on these islands this this one here is actually slightly smaller okay this one’s larger just because you don’t have the camera yeah.

    Now one thing i forgot to mention is that this home has a total of.

    Nine refrigerators that’s correct.

    Nine refrigerators so you have your built-in refrigerator here again you’ve got a refrigerator there you got two dishwashers and the seller spared.

    No expenses when it came to lighting again look at all this lighting here and i love the two-tone the petrofena you got the farmer sink you got the blanca sink these are about fifteen hundred dollars we talked about that okay you got the led lights you got the 8 burner stove here the kitchenaid again there’s just so much just to look at so we do have the pantry we’re.

    Not going to go into the pantry okay got the led lights.

    Now take a look at this it’s like almost on every single angle of this home right you’re literally outside.

    Now let’s go take a look this main living area here so you got a pocket door here and also you have a pocket door over here too as well you got beautiful built-ins you got the stack zone with the fireplace okay i’m gonna come around this way here get you guys a better.

    Name i’m gonna pan around slowly so you can see what i’m talking about.

    Now with the pocket doors these are actually zero thresholds here but let me take you out to this beautiful.

    Nice little courtyard or i’m going to say this like a sunroom i mean look at this you can literally hear the waterfall look at that you can kind of see the lazy river this does.

    Not justify what i’m about to show you but i’m going to save this for last okay look at this you can literally see all the way through your backyard so.

    Now let me take you up this way okay.

    Now we’re gonna go upstairs so you can see the casings around the stairs you got the custom wood i love the white beautiful toe kick so they painted that.

    Now like i said the the owners joe she did a lot of work to this home so one of the things that she did was this was literally all walled up she knocked this out okay to open this up which was really.

    Nice we got a closet here right here is the elevator.

    Now we’re going to go into what the third bedroom pretty much each bedroom will have its own bath.

    Now if you guys want more information about this property i will have a link in the description below i’ll try.

    Not to make the video too long that’s the original tub and tile however the vanity and the marble is all brand.

    New all right let’s go down this way here so we have a small little storage here so this was actually all blocked off at one point but they opened this up.

    Now they turn this into the laundry room and look how gorgeous this laundry room is i mean this thing is unbelievable i mean i literally just want to wash clothes here i mean let me just kind of gorgeous right look at that so here’s the loft that converted this into a loft with your full built-ins here okay we got 10 foot ceilings on the second floor.

    Now we’re going to take you into the casita i like to call this kind of like the birdhouse and let me show you why love the design i mean look at these windows right here okay and here’s refrigerator.

    Number what four or something three i don’t even know let’s take a look at the bathroom look at that marble tile gorgeous look at that backsplash the herringbone here’s your tub shower combo love the theme this door right here will literally take you out back to that courtyard right that we looked at when we came in oop i don’t want to show you the backyard just yet folks you gotta wait wait to the end bear with me guys okay i love those windows right there you just chill and read a book let’s come down this way here.

    Now this home is very clean it’s unbelievable so here’s the princess room cute little chandelier then she has her own little bath however they did a great job by specking this out and doing a 36 inch cabinet versus a 30.


    Now let’s go take a look at the primary separate from the others okay we’re gonna head down back down this hallway here so off to the left we have this was actually like a a den or a loft at one point they open this up and they have these glass barn doors and these are actually steel soft closing barn doors let me show you what i’m talking about see that look at this slows it down isn’t that cool but they converted this into a gym there you go again another refrigerator all right so you can turn this into a reading room whatever you guys want to do and as you can see there’s just windows all over the place bringing in a lot of.

    Natural light.

    Now as we come into the primary okay the primary has a retreat there goes rudy what do you think about this home for so far rudy it’s amazing right yeah so the primary is 23 by 30 yes i said that 23 by 30.

    you got the coffered ceilings beautiful fan right.

    Nice flooring these are luxury vinyl you got your double stack marble see-through fireplace you got more cabinet space but look at this what is this refrigerator that’s right so the retreat area this is kind of where you relax you know read a book and chill you also have a balcony here take you guys out to the balcony this is the far as i’m gonna go for the balcony can’t wait to show you this backyard this is what’s going to sell this property right here.

    Now let’s take you into the spa bathroom literally this is a small bathroom you got 12 by 24 marble tile the top right here this mosaic high right here is going to run you about 200 dollars a square foot and just take a look at this the video here is.

    Not justifying anything okay.

    Now if you.

    Notice with the see-through fireplace with this feature wall here you got this beautiful marble and it’s one piece also on this side too as well one piece got your water closet here then we have our shower and you have a total of six heads on this shower with the rainfall look at the ceiling it’s also been tiled gorgeous let me show you guys this it’s.

    Nice look at that beautiful soap box with that tile you have built-in closet here got built-in closets here these are actually from california closets and this is just a closet here just miscellaneous stuff at the quartz beautiful backsplash you got the lights above all right enough of this let’s go outside let me show you exactly what is going on outside okay.

    Now i’m going to take you guys back out to the front of this home and we’re going to start from the courtyard all right.

    Now with this iron door here you can open this glass up to lit more breeze that come on through if you choose to.

    Now those were the stairs that uh we could have came down.

    Now let’s take a look this is about 1.3 acres.

    Now off the side of the mountain look at that but then you have some.

    Nice lush greenery here so this lazy river i think i think there’s uh four waterfalls uh six entryways this is a saltwater pool but let me take you to the top here beautiful stonework at.

    Night this thing just lights up like a ping pong ball.

    Now this place is literally better than some casino resorts out here so this is the first terrace that’s uh we’re at and take a look at this view from here this is where it’s worth 4.75 million.

    Now let’s come up this way because there is a lot of land up here let me show you what i’m talking about so you have all this land that can literally be built to add additional you could probably probably put a house up here you got a putting green there’s the beginning of the slide i mean this is all yours right here i did a full collaboration with jill which is the owner so check out that collaboration we go more in detail about the home on our second youtube channel chug it’s 2.0 i mean look at all the vegetation a lot of greenery here’s your slide his original slide they had to cut the slide in half just due to the fact that you were coming down so fast you’re hitting the edge of the edge of the pool so they decided to make the slide halfway so as you can see we have a putting green here and again here’s all the additional land that is yours i mean look at that all right this is like a fun park huh.

    Now we’re gonna come down this way down the stairs get a better view from here let’s come down this way hoas here are a total of 320 a month so this is the way that you would go to the slide and you literally would slide from right down there he got about maybe three bridges the cross here’s another terrace that you just kind of come here and just kind of chill from this angle let’s come on down this way the pool is up pebble tech i mean i mean just take a look at this literally a kid in a candy store gorgeous right walker all the way around this way we’re going to come up this way for a second and this lazy river you can literally sit on a tube and it will take you all the way around right underneath that little waterfall and there’s a little theme there i forget the.

    Name of the theme we’re going to come along this way get you a better angle of this pool here and joe i just want to give a quick shout out for allowing us to do a tour of your home she’s such a cool lady she’s very down to earth too that’s what i like about her.

    Now let’s go this way walk along this little path here.

    Now while jill and i was doing a video the collaboration she made a good point here that this section right here right well before i get into that you do have.

    Nice little waterfall here you do have your jacuzzi fits 12 and you got your little beach entry here but this section right here right because this home is for to entertain you can have your dj here you can have your band set up here with all the electrical here imagine your band playing here you got your bar over there right people are just partying entertaining right.

    Now gorgeous concept hey rudy you want to know what would be kind of cool playing hide-and-go-seek with a bunch of adults yeah at.

    Night that’s what it looks like at.

    Night that’s what i’m saying looks like castle park back home oh it’s better than cass apart let me take you guys along here so that way you guys can see from this angle again here’s your little beach axis right here your waterfall again imagine your band playing you got everything going right.

    Now cocktails food look at this.

    Nice little relaxation area cover patio very breezy all right so here’s your barbecue grill again refrigerator then we have our doggy run here so guys let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are about this property if you guys have.

    Not had a chance to subscribe to this channel go ahead and click that subscribe button other than that i’m chuck it’s uh you know what we gotta go finish up the video over here because this this is just so beautiful let me finish this up over here let’s get one more glance of this if you guys are interested in this property let us know in the comments below okay i wish you guys.

    Nothing but the best be blessed folks hard work does pay off this could be yours i’m chuck it’s crucial with simply vegas and have a blessed day did you like that video home tour are you a fan of this channel and you want to get plugged into the real estate market well i got something for you we have a.

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