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[Music] so [Music] hey good morning how’s everyone doing well today’s what wednesday day three officially but day two and a half for us but yeah we got here late monday so we’re just uh yesterday we enjoyed the beach a lot we got a little too burnt uh chess and all that’s really burnt so cindy’s a little burnt but we’re going to go out to the beach again but we put on a lot of sunblock so we spent all day out at the royal sands beach.

    Now we’re going to head up to the what is it cindy it’s the royal cancun royal uh the royal family here has a lot of different um royal hotels and they actually let us go and enjoy their property with our wristbands complimentary too so we can enjoy all their food drinks and the pool areas yeah so we actually get to enjoy three properties when you stay at one of the royal properties in cancun so we’re gonna go up to the royal cancun that’s kinda on the.

    North side up by the riu and i guess they have that island off there so the water is more like a kind of like a cove so they’ve got a kayaks out there and paddle boards and stuff like that complimentary for us to use so we’ll see it’s pretty bright and sunny out there when we get off with this video we’ll show you what it looks like off our uh balcony there but i mean we’re we’re pretty burnt i mean i mean a lot of the restaurants too are at the different resorts so we have to get onto a shuttle bus we make reservations and then we go to get on the shuttle bus and then we get to enjoy other properties with their restaurants too which is really.

    Nice too so i’ll let cindy show you the view out here today from our balcony yep so we’re gonna after that then we’ll get on the shuttle and then we’ll go over to the royal cancun [Music] do [Music].

    Now [Music] do [Music] okay we made it to the royal cancun resort we are over here.

    Now as you can see it’s a little bit different it’s a.

    New resort we get to check out all day today [Music] we just got off the shuttle here and then.

    Now we’re here to enjoy the resort so let’s take a look and see what we can find to do [Music] do [Music] paul says this is a place for lovers if you want to bring your lover back to cancun this would be it this is where the restaurant is the breakfast i’m gonna take you guys out by the water it’s a little bit different from royal sands royal sands you’re actually on the beach with waves over here it’s a little bit different the water is just like really quiet soft but you still get that beach vibe out here like paul said we can actually since we’re with the royal family we’re in the royal beach we can actually go to the royal cancun which we’re at right.

    Now at the resort for the day our inclusive band will work for here and they do have another royal resort we can go to in cancun it’s called a royal islander but that one we cannot use our band for so that’s why we’re here today so we can drink and eat for free since we already paid for it [Music] take you guys out here a lot of kayaks out here like i said if you’re here for just a relaxing vacation with the kids even kids right here on the kayaks which is awesome don’t have any really party people here like we do at royal sands with college kids it’s very.

    Nice out here beautiful it’s about i stay close to 80 degrees by.

    Now you’re out here playing water um volleyball out here i think this is the first royal um hotel that he built here in cancun and then they continue on with the other royal hotels here i think there’s like three of them maybe four i’m.

    Not sure but i think i know there’s three for sure [Music] [Music] what’s happening everyone hope everybody’s doing well out there we made it to the royal cancun so uh it’s way more relaxed over here i mean it’s a different vibe here but i mean it’s really laid back the only bad thing about is the water behind us it’s more like a kind of like a bay a bay even though it’s on the ocean side they’ve got a big island out there so it kind of blocks the surf from coming in but it’s so relaxing like it’s a totally like quiet atmosphere yeah like there’s.

    Nobody at the pool bar i had to stand there for a couple minutes for the bartender he was cleaning and he finally recognized me and came right over and i was i’m like man it’s totally different over here from the royal sands and he’s like oh yeah right.

    Now as uh christmas break all the kids our son just got done with his finals at missouri state so i guess all the kids are out.

    Now on christmas break done with their finals so uh he the bartender was gone yeah i heard it was pretty wild there yesterday at royal sands there’s probably a hundred kids on top of each other they were all at the pool bar like all on top of each other.

    No mass.


    Nothing yeah so we stayed away of course but we watched but here it just seems so like it’s more like middle-aged people and uh it’s just be like a real relaxed place i think this is much more relaxing royal sands has the the boom and base music and the margaritas are so much better here too yeah um the guy he threw him a couple bucks he gave us top shelf uh margarita stuff there so i saw him using the don julio and uh so that’s good because the drinks have been horrible at royals it’s just like all sugar and remember guys if you stay at royal any of the royal resorts here in cancun you can go actually go to each of them and re and enjoy their resorts there’s only a few that if you do all inclusive you can still use your all-inclusive at each resort there’s one or two i don’t think you’re allowed to just one well i think they have three properties it’s the royal island island area only you think you use all-inclusive but this one we can use our wristband everything’s included here did you get uh some good video of all the yeah i showed that i’ll show you guys again great uh their buffet or their restaurant is kind of like in a little hut here yeah giant hut area yeah kind of like uh.

    Nachi and kind of under that giant hut area which is really cool and look down on the beach you got all those chairs.

    Nobody’s there.

    No thank you of course you know even at both resorts you do have people selling things which is okay that’s what they have to do but so far i mean i’m pretty stoked about this yeah um the pool it’s kind of like a lazy river type pool and got a.

    Nice swim up bar and a lot of shade we’re looking for the shade today we got pretty toasted yesterday so my face is pretty mean i put a little makeup on but to hide my.

    Nose so we’ll show you a little bit more here at the royal cancun if you’re a laid-back person there and want a total serene experience this might be your place i mean i like it i mean i would stay here probably and then just go to royal sands just for the beach for the day for the beach and then come back here and just yeah definitely the beach is a lot better but the advantage here at the royal cancun is because it’s a bay here they’ve got complimentary with your all-inclusive kayaks and paddle boats and stuff like that you know because they i don’t think they want a bunch of drunk people out there i agree can you know kayaks and and paddle boats it’s a party that’s a party scene for sure guys we’ve got it kind of ropes off here did you get any uh video of kind of the water we’ll get you a closer look at the water there so i’ll post that for you guys too we just wanna do a check and let you know and what time is it well about maybe i say something close to 11 maybe let’s do 11 yeah 11 o’clock 11 02.

    so we took a little um there’s like a bus that comes and takes you here and then every hour every hour and then we’ll go back and we have dinner reservations tonight too so we’ll take you along with that too because again all the restaurants are off property but they have transportation to get you guys there too which is pretty awesome so you get to venture out and see different things too well they’ve got their big buffet restaurant and they do different themes every.

    Night there at royal sands just to be clear yeah and then you’ve got the sports bar you’ve got the uh what’s that uh place out there silver dollar um it’s like a little restaurant and then they got the silver dollar grill or deli that’s uh kind of in a shaded area up on a deck overlooking the ocean there and then they have their mexican specialty restaurant which we’ve uh already frequented that’s just walking distance we just don’t go off the property.

    Next door right yeah it’s just like right.

    Next door so again i mean look at this behind us it’s beautiful we didn’t see this kind of stuff we’re at the other resort right so i’m probably going to get in the pool and enjoy that pool bar today yeah of course we had to drink it yeah both pool bars at the other hotel was like horrible i mean it was like spring break uh old school flor lauderdale yeah palm springs in the 80s for all the palm springs people out there were talking about that old school palm springs that’s what we used to do too so yeah we were in high school back here yeah but we still partied first we did we’re like we’re 21.

    but again cheers guys hope you guys are enjoying our you come along with us and i’m.

    Not sure if we can go to the other resort tomorrow to check it out the islander well we’re going there tonight for dinner well it’s kind of like the opposite side so it’s.

    Not really in the resort so if we don’t make it in there we’ll they could make a trip over there tomorrow right we’ve got our dinner time set for um sunset yeah we will be there at 5 30 and then our dinner is at six o’clock tonight yep so cool all right so thanks for following us and again check out our youtube channel and our facebook and instagram in the spa that’s about it we’ll catch you shortly bye guys bye amigos what do we got for lunch today or our appetizer we’re warming up here we’re we’re working our way into lunch look at that pico de gallo that’s kind of spicy so be careful paul okay and we got some guacamole and chips and more chips so here we go chips and my friends at the bar they’re giving me drinks quicker and i’m requesting them so we love this place yeah this place is pretty this this place right up our alley only been here a couple hours and i’m like man i hope i can make it to dinner tonight we’re better right on as you can see i really love the hut here yeah yep yeah it’s on really love the uh villas and the roofing style oh thank you thank you [Music] do [Music] do [Music] okay me and paul’s getting ready to go for dinner we’re waiting for the bus to the what’s it called palm captain cove for dinner tonight so we’re gonna go for dinner tonight we’re waiting for the uh shuttle bus to take us down there and are you ready to eat cal yeah i’m pretty hungry we’ve got the sunset down there too so we’re gonna take you guys along with us so stay tuned and a lot of people are waiting for the boxes maybe you’re backing up so we’re getting ready to go guys talk to you guys later hey yo we’ve made it here captain scove right here have dinner here so beautiful sunset the sunset back here look at that let’s see if we can see it up here real quick i’m.

    Not sure if we’re gonna be able to get a seat up here but look at that we’ll have to probably see if we can get a seat up front so let’s try that okay we’re gonna take check in and see what we have with our seat and it’s still popping all right we made it over here to captain cove we’re getting ready to pause right here looking at the menu and we’re looking at the beautiful sunset here it’s gorgeous it’s pretty awesome got my glass of wine called got a margarita where are we at captain cove yep all right here’s to cancun mushroom risotto if you want to stick with how about the herb royal steak it’s.

    Not it’s.

    Not sushi okay so she’ll do the mushroom risotto and we’ll share the caribbean coconut shrimp and we’re gonna get for you [Music] take your time i guess the rib eye burger thank you very much my pleasure do they do a medium well or uh-huh they don’t well perfect okay re-buy burger yes and coconut shrimp and mushrooms yes thank you very much thank you so much okay um we are using our all-inclusive um package here and some of the food is included and some isn’t so we had to explain to us what was what wasn’t so right we did order um i got the uh the rib eye burger and i got the we got the coconut shrimp to share if he wants a couple bites of that and i got this mushroom of risotto yeah that’s always good that’s really good too so we’re going to try all that stuff sounds good so you know cheers again one two cancun guys that’s a salty celery margarita look at that guys the sunset behind us beautiful hopefully they open this up here soon yeah you can always ask too so first time here at the captain cove yep so we’re kind of bringing so like we said earlier in our earlier vlogs 80 to 90 percent of the stuff is inclusive but they have their specialty stuff that’s.

    Not included so you know you kind of have to make a choice when you’re looking at booking after at the royal properties if you want to do the all-inclusive or or.

    Not yes i still recommend at this point doing the all-inclusive because of all the drinks and everything yes and we’ll get into what the prices we paid and stuff like that so in my opinion it almost makes it like staying at the result for like fifty dollars a day with what we’re including with our meals and drinks and how we’re taking advantage with dinner here it’s pretty much you know fine dining here i mean it’s really.

    Nice dining it’s.

    Not like you know i don’t know what to say but it’s it’s really.

    Nice so anytime you get a.

    Nice tablecloth yeah that’s a good idea carnival doesn’t do that only on yeah i look at that at.

    Night so we’re doing good here.

    Nice uh black tablecloths we do yeah yeah we’re sitting here on the water on the bay in cancun so you know if you were paying that on your own you know that i would say what we just ordered with drinks that would probably be 80 to 100 we’ll let you know what the price is after we get the um bill but and then we’re going to kind of do like what we’re paying for days yeah you know and we’re trying to do our vlog with what you get for the all-inclusive as long as paul remembers to take a picture of our receipts sometimes i forget too so yeah we forgot in the beginning this is something we kind of thought of later on going forward so how’s your margarita from today from well the ones today were much better this one’s very salty and sour you can always get a beer yeah beer instead yeah my wine’s really good i like wine for dinner yeah so i’m kind of sipping it right.

    Now i’ve had a lot of drinks today so again once we get all our food out you know anything else to say.


    Not really all right so once we get the food out and the car’s looking good it’s getting ready to yes very.

    Nice table she helped us out so it was really awesome yeah good deal all right stay tuned guys we’ll see you in a minute when the food comes we’ll let you guys see what we have [Music] so we got the prime red burger this ain’t humongous look should probably kind of give you a heads up this is almost a mukbang video look at the size of the mushroom in there that mushroom is huge guys probably i’m going to reach grab some hand sanitizer i don’t know where we’re going to put the coconut shrimp at i’ll eat it we haven’t done a mukbang for a long time yeah we’re still looking at that beautiful view guys it’s like some uh chicago mayonnaise here and all my potatoes that’s good i love anything chipotle it’s my mushroom stuff it’s a good problem [Music] wow it’s got a heavy wine sauce that’d go real good with your wine oh man that’s really good that’s probably the best mushroom risotto i’ve ever had [Music] his potatoes are really good sauce that chipotle mustard and a little spicy seasoning [Music] those burgers i’m gonna have to take the bun off just carve in like that looks really good that’s crazy he’s been in a lot of mexicans and i think he’s ready for a hater so i’ve been craving one so i think i found the right place [Music] so which is day three and cuts or almost at cosmo cancun cancun i think monday was half a day so i think it’s two and a half days i would say half a day or late day and we got charged for a full day we kind of bypassed all the starter bs yeah we went straight to our entrees this is really good though i asked for the prime rib burger medium well [Music] it’s it’s well that’s fine it’s prime rib so it’s got a lot of got a lot of fat in it so it’ll be fine wow it looks really good look at that guys [Music] wish i had more of that chipotle mayonnaise it’s really good this is really good too guys pretty good gotta beat a beautiful view yummy food i’ll just wait for a beer i got my wine coming and we got coconut shrimp coming i would say this is a mukbang almost pretty close even though this burger’s well done it’s still really.

    No juicy and cutting it’s better than guys burger pod it’s different you know guys it’s kind of like in and out it’s that thin thin burger with a lot of flavor this is a heavy almost like a steak burger [Music] a lot of grilled onions definitely got a little bit of a steak flavor to it too okay guys once our shrimp comes out we’ll actually come back to this video and we’ll dig into his hamburger yeah this is like humongous as they did bring out my spicy or actually my coconut shrimp guacamole with rice until paul he wants a bite but just hold off for a second because it’s super hot i finished that giant prying red burger that thing was amazing that thing was really good it tasted like a steak and a burger all combined that coconut shrimp is really good i had a little bite of it i burped my tongue a little bit but it was worth it got some rice just be careful let me take a bite of it how was it hot i told you it’s very hot i just took it out of the fryer that’s a very orange flavor look at that i have some good trim that’s really good i’m waiting for it to cool off so then i burned my mouth it’s really good though like toasted coconut on there strong orange supposed to be a spicy orange looker it’s definitely there that’s probably a little i don’t know if that’s spicy or.

    Not be careful got rice yeah that’s spicy that’s like the water i’ll eat that i’m good i like spicy stuff but i’m gonna take another bite of my shrimp guys that’s some killer killer shrimp wow that’s quite a crust too huh we’ll have to see if we can make something like like that at home better well that’s really good i mean it’s kind of like a spicy but a lot of coconut it’s actually pretty good what do you think it’s very good it’s different than mr sancho’s what do you say yeah it’s different it’s really good though i mean it’s a different but i really like the coconut taste to it it’s really good instead of having that dipping orange sauce it’s kind of built into it it’s a spicy orange sauce you definitely get the roasted coconut and in the spicy orange flavor oh yeah it’s really good i love it i don’t know where i’m going to put it after that burger that burger was humongous it’s still really hot i know it’s crazy isn’t it but it’s really good though guacamole the crust is a lot better than mr sancho’s but is it me or does the shrimp just seem a little smaller it is but i kind of like it though like how it is like the coconuts all like it’s i like it we.

    Need to go back to mr santos to do another test phone i think we just.

    Need to make our own coke guacamole that’s the best guacamole application since i’ve been here a lot of stuff tastes pre-made and like it’s been sitting in a lot of lime for a while that tastes pretty fresh it is really good though really good hit me like a leg balloon with that burger got the lights coming on there okay we’re gonna finish our dinner and then we’ll see if we can actually handle dessert tonight i don’t think so that burger was he made that was a belly buster give him a chance he may do it we’ll see [Music] very good very good i’m gonna have to go check paul in the bed tonight yeah it’s kind of sleepy it’s been a long day [Music] one two one having a hard time finishing my bit yeah he’s getting sleepy we gotta actually up pretty early so he’s kind of tired but we actually finished all everything up here guys wow that was a lot of food that burger man i think was humongous was it good oh it was really good a lot of uh like monterey cheese a lot of grilled onion on and a lot of grilled onions and a lot of uh like smoked prime rib or.

    Not prime rib but uh yes good i think i don’t think paul can handle dessert tonight so.


    No tonight churros.

    No churros tonight but look at this view guys it’s beautiful crocodile [Music] we make all this for a.

    Night um we don’t know we’re gonna do tomorrow what do you think about tomorrow might check out that other resort when we go to the other resort um it’s the royal um islander i think it’s what it’s called it’s part of the royal um club um so we’re gonna try that maybe out tomorrow it’s.

    Not the all-inclusive but we’re going to try it out see how it goes and then we’ll see what happens when he’s.

    Not talking he’s full or he’s tired he’s.

    Not talking much so yeah i’ve been out in the sun in the last couple days i’ve been having a lot of drinks that kind of all hit me right.

    Now definitely have a lot a lot of drinks today okay go tuck them into bed who won you or cancun kids got this round i think so too had a good day today so we’ll see what happens tomorrow so if we do anything later i’ll let you guys know other than that

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