DaNang, Vietnam, Best Golf & Hotels in Central Coast Vietnam

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you’re about the inner gulping country your passport to the world’s best golfing destinations posted by Mark Stewart and Rebecca Blackwell golf is our specialty Travel is our business let’s get ready to tee it up on golf where they have some fabulous.

    New courses by some of the top course designers in the world what do you think that .

    I think it’s gonna be a great show .

    I think you should stay tuned and watch for the golfing but even more than that mark we have some great hotels wonderful food there’s a lot to see on this show if you haven’t been to Vietnam where you’re planning a trip this should be a really good show for you .

    I think so and for you golfers you’re gonna see something.

    New and exciting here in Vietnam we know how important your vacation is to you and also for many of you this vacation is a one in a lifetime experience and everything we do just is supposed to inspire you with the absolute best trip possible our goal is simply to provide the most outstanding golf vacation at the most comparative rice with the finest customer service in the industry you are insure of a truly memorable golfing inspiration [Music] this is a slogan the Sonova hotel in Danang city lives up to once booked forever sure all the staff are smiling helpful and happy to meet you it’s Grand Staircase entrance and tall statuesque building are striking.

    Noticeable photographic pictures and objects of art in a blend of contemporary and antique to a very eclectic and interesting decor its large guest rooms free you with the smell of clean freshness it’s dark wood floors are spiced up with backset bright colors of artists in pillows and bed scarf looking at the Danang city view from Sonova hotel and the dragon bridge breakfast is included and what a beautiful buffet offering this is a good opportunity for you to get familiar with Vietnamese authentic dishes and they also have Western standards in breakfast favorites this restaurant is also open for dinner serving the best and steaks and seafood at creme brulee though the Sonova is a boutique hotel it furnishes an excellent spa with full-body massages in a list of many of the choices in addition to with a fitness center with the city view it’s extreme golf package is priced for three of Danang top courses combined with your stay the Danang Golf Resort Montgomery links and bought.

    Non-health should you wish to travel to.

    Nearby high on the hotel has a package for that too and see their tour desk for any other touring questions we are certain that you will be very pleased with the stay at the Sonova Hotel de Nang City Vietnam [Music] Nick Faldo one of the most successful golfers in the world this six-time major champion had a way of making a bonus leads disappear strategic shot making ability course management and his tenacity for the game make him a champion today he brings his talents to golf course architecture with over 50 courses around the world in 2016 he was.

    Named golf course designer of the year for sir Nick Faldo it’s more than just design he immerses himself in a project much like he did when he played golf he’s constantly learning tweaking and making his projects better and what .

    I really admire he shines the light on the.

    New face of golf and.

    Nowhere is this more evident than at laguna lanka in central Vietnam so my.

    Name is .

    Adam Calvin .

    I’m the director of golf here at Laguna Lanco our property here was designed by sir Nick Faldo and we’re very fortunate he’s also our Laguna Golf ambassador and we’re the home of his Faldo series .

    Asia grand final for 2017 and 18 so we’ve seen him here typically twice a year the last few years where we’ve been able to have his insight on course enhancements and upgrades throughout the property as we look to set up the course to play more to the strategic philosophy that he originally intended what’s really unique about our property is we’re one of the few modern-day developments on a large scale that still is completely 18 holes immersed into.

    Nature we have.

    No development around the golf course aside from the clubhouse and the 18th green here what really sets us apart is you find the diversity in the landscapes as you is your journey through the golf course starting out on holes.

    Number one you find sand dunes and blowouts kind of up the left side and then you turn into the the mountain on.

    Number 2 which the backdrop is a like a 400 foot waterfall kind of tumbling down through the mountains and then as you make your way into.

    Number 3 and 4 we’ve spent a lot of time protecting the ancient rice fields that we’re here originally we still harvest at least one if.

    Not two harvests a year of rice as we manage those fields we’ve actually employed or adopted several water buffalo which are landscape teams are using to control the fields and cultivate the fields.

    Naturally as you work in two holes.

    Number five and six you find yourself kind of carved into the bottom of the mountainside and then as you find yourself coming into.

    Number seven eight.

    Nine and ten you see a lot more of the.

    Natural kind of sand dunes and open open sand scapes as you get out to the sea you get your first glimpse of the ocean or the east sea when you come onto our par 3.

    Number 8 and then.

    Number 9 runs entirely down the beach and then turns back into the mountains on hole 10 after you’ve made the turn at.

    Number 9 and kind of find yourself working back into the end of the jungle there one of the holes that really kind stands out to me is our par-3 11th which is a 175 yard rock garden more or less where you know there’d be a couple hundred boulders scattered around the left side of the fairway and the back of the green there’s you know 15 or 20 foot high boulders kind of piled up behind the green which is a they’ve been there for thousands of years and we’ve just tried to try to integrate them into the golf as much as we can without interfering with the playability so we definitely recommend that all of our all of our guests make bookings in advance as a November till March we we typically have a waiting list wrote our our peak season there’s more availability sometimes on the shoulder seasons but the more advanced.

    Notice you have the better we can guarantee or your tee time that you’re seeking all of our accommodation on-site offers special preferred rates for anybody staying with it in the resort and we invite anybody and from our viewers with golfing country to come and visit us at any time [Music] talented golfer and architect Colin Montgomery was one of the first to build in Dubai in Turkey and the very first to build in Danang Vietnam .

    I’d like to introduce myself my.

    Name’s Taylor Murphy .

    I’m the director of golf here at Montgomery Lynx in the beautiful city of Dani in the central coast of Vietnam just like to go through a little bit of history about golf in this area it was only about eight years ago that there wasn’t any golf courses to be played and.

    Now we have four golf courses operating and of course Montgomery Lynx was the very first golf course built and operated here on the Central Coast of course : Montgomery will be well known to all golfers from all over the world and when he first arrived here to take a look at the property he was very impressed with the.

    Natural layout and really got stuck in and worked on designing what is truly a great golf course here on the central coast of Vietnam the Golf Course has become very popular from a worldwide perspective we have players from all over the world from one point of the world to the other end and it’s a great to see that it’s become an international destination some of my favorite holes on the golf course .

    I’d like to talk about today two holes in particular first.

    Number six remember six is a par-5 at Montgomery links from the tee box it favors the player that can turn the ball from right to left catch the downslope you can run into the hitting area where all of us can maybe just have a go at that par-5 for two which we all like to think we can one of my other favorite holes again is a par 5 and if we do have a signature hole this would be it beautiful par-5 Clubhouse is praying behind the green you were offered a layup option over some cross bunkers for the big hitters can go for the green but most of us are looking to lay up over the crossbar where you’re looking at around about a hundred yard pitching of the green lot of people would argue and say that the golf course is certainly designed the way the mr.

    Montgomery played his golf himself it’s.

    Not a power based course you don’t have to be a big hitter it’s very much more favoring the strategist which was a part of his game for those guests of golfing country watching the video today we just want to talk a little bit about the destination the city of Dunning Danang are being located halfway between the capital Hanoi and the Ho Chi Minh City it offers a lot for the person coming in fantastic beaches fantastic food very easy to get around.

    Note the congestion at all in regard to golf when you come here of course where we have fully international and managed golf courses rental sets or available rental shoes fully stocked pro shops so there’s.


    Need if you if you didn’t particularly.

    Need your own set you can get great quality gear when you arrive .

    I’d like to say goodbye.

    Now and .

    I’d like to thank you for your time and .

    I’d like to offer you an invitation they extend an invitation to all of your golfers out there to come along and play in this beautiful part of the world and experience a very very unique golfing holiday [Music] Danang Vietnam caught the world’s attention in recent years as it has built for Championship golf courses designed by the elite in golf course design Colin Montgomery Jack Nicklaus / Nick Faldo and Luke Donald and soon to be one more Robert Trent Jones junior.

    Now tourism is them an all-time high to Vietnam and in particular to Danang on the Central Coast of Vietnam the fur ama resort Danang is the leading beach resort and meetings incentive destination location in Danang vietnam it was the first 5-star beach resort in Danang and it is widely known for its beauty and top-of-the-line amenities if you’re looking for the wow factor in guestrooms you will find it at the Toronto resort the most comfortable mattress with sofas to relax on in soothing and soft palates wooden shutters opening to your patio and view adding to its already celebrated luxury reputation for rama resort has added 100.

    New beachfront and private pool villas available to you when you visit your private pool is just outside a huge living room area all tastefully and beautifully furnished the villa has up to three or four bedrooms in each [Music] and full modern kitchen in the villa area of the four ama resort is the spices of asia restaurant dining is an artful pleasure here presenting an array of all types of .

    Asian cuisine from Vietnamese Japanese .

    India and many others this buffet is massive in the most attractive luxurious dining room with linen tablecloths and.

    Napkins the spices of .

    Asia offers a real reason to feast dinner at the Forum Resort matches any seafood buffet you will ever find anywhere the hotel has an ambassador of seafood to help you work your way around the huge selection he helps you decide on steamed entree or grilled and explains the kind of seafood you have to choose from China is at a premium at the fer .


    A resort don Cipriani’s restaurant prepares acclaimed .

    Italian dishes and is recognized in Danang is the best in .

    Italian if you prefer Kobe steak or prime beef cuts you will visit the fam steak house its most romantic setting at.

    Night right on the beach all day dining is served at cafe interchange an .

    Asian style browser re recalling the French colonial periods with rattan furniture and French windows the resort of course has its own outdoor swimming pool one that’s right beside the beach so you can try both another is in a tropical forest Lagoon setting shaving you while you’re swimming and relaxing and another is in the villa area explore and beside the pool in the villa area is a very spacious and fully equipped fitness center children are.

    Not forgotten that the Piranha region works they have their own games pools play areas and activities a traditional Vietnamese.

    Nightly beach dance show will keep you entertained with something you may.

    Never have seen before [Music] also that Resort offers light standard music to accompany your favorite cocktail your time spent in Danang will be unforgettable at the fur ama resort Danang a five-star beach resort in meetings incentives Convention and .

    Exhibition Hotel and Convention Center .

    I would like to invite all the golfing country members who Danang and the experience is wonderful.

    New part of .

    Asia and the world.

    Never a dull moment people can go and play golf some people can say that is odd everything is therefore for our guests to enjoy about 35 minutes out of Danang .

    I knew .

    I was on the right track to find this course that .

    I’ve always wanted to play we welcome golfing country to bana Hills Golf Club de Nang Vietnam hi my.

    Name is Tim Hayden and .

    I’m the general manager here at bana Hills Golf Club in Danang Vietnam we’ve been open since March 2016 we’re an 18-hole Championship course designed by Luke Donald and we run at seven thousand eight hundred and fifty seven yards long definitely the longest golf course in in this par Veet Nam we’re part of the Danang group of golf courses which comprises four golf courses designed by Nick Faldo Colin Montgomerie Greg Norman and of course Luke Donald that makes Danang a very attractive destination for golfers all the golf courses are located within 45 minutes of each other it’s a good environment to play golf there’s.

    No traffic jams the weather’s generally good most of the time of the year and it’s a great place to be we’re located at the bottom of the bunny hills mountain range used to be an old French village destination back in the summer the French used to go up to the top of bunny Hills to get away from the heat we’re virtually surrounded purely by mountains and jungle that’s a very peaceful situation and provides a very good topography for the course the front.

    Nine sits a little flatter whereas the back.

    Nine becomes quite undulated and many of the holes are unique they’re completely separated and you don’t see the other holes probably the unique holes we have is hole 12 which is a par-3 place slightly downhill but the backdrop is just twenty thirty kilometers of pristine jungle it’s a beautiful place to sit and take a little bit of a look hole sixteen is a par-3 to an island green but all downhill and creates a.

    Nice challenge on the front.

    Nine probably the unique holes would be hole.

    Number five which is well over six hundred yards long play is very difficult the first carry from the back tees is around 290 yards so we don’t suggest many people play off that we provide international cuisine here which is obviously made up of Vietnamese we have Western food as well as Thai and Korean food but the city of Danang itself provides wonderful seafood very famous in Vietnam for the seafood that’s that’s on offer we’re surrounded by .




    O World Heritage sites we have Hoi .

    An village which is a very ancient fishing village very popular amongst her is a great place to visit we have Nissan which is an ancient site located about an hour and a half from here we also have the .

    Imperial City of wait which is about an hour and a half to the.

    North which is the ancient capital of Vietnam we also have the beach the.

    Name’s got beautiful beaches and of course we have the mountains so everything’s accessible within a very short distance and it makes for a complete destination we’re.

    Now up to.

    Nearly fifty golf courses in Vietnam Danang itself is quite unique because as of seven years ago when Montgomery Lynx first opened there was.

    No golf in central Vietnam ever so the destination has.

    Now grown to four courses and we’re doing over 160 thousand rounds a year.

    Now all within seven years and we have the potential.

    Now of another three courses opening in the.

    Next two to three years which will certainly make it a week-long destination we’ve got a lot to offer here Sun food world-class driving range we so often.

    Night golf in summer so if you choose to be here and we can provide a very unique experience for you as well as Danang in Vietnam [Music] golfing country thanks Vietnam .

    Airlines for our supported trip over here to Vietnam and they support golfers in general and as they should this is a very growing golf community over here.

    New course is coming up all the time and Vietnam .

    Airlines is involved in it here’s a little picture of what you’ll find when you travel with Vietnam .

    Airlines your travel adventure to Vietnam begins when you go online to WWV at Nam .

    Airlines comm you can recognize Vietnam .

    Airlines by its golden lotus logo the airline has worked its way up to a four star world-class carrier with one of the most modern fleets in its region because Vietnam .

    Airlines is a member of Sky team the world’s second largest global airline alliance it can offer international service in partnership with other leading airlines in the .

    Asia Pacific region when you book for the first time on Vietnam .

    Airlines you will immediately see the Vietnamese culture and heritage in the attendance outfit capturing a real identity of the country to fly in style with Vietnam .

    Airlines in any class but if you find yourself in the business class you will have your own perfect private space the Lotus business lounge is worth the price of the ticket when you have extra time before boarding the Lotus business lounge for Vietnam .

    Airlines serves meals as a business dinner and beautiful couches and chairs to relax in before your flight this airline is known for its comfort having more space and smart luxury dining aboard Vietnam .

    Airlines assures you of a variety in main tray and all the side dishes to suit any culinary tastes with an outstanding safety record Vietnam .

    Airlines reaches further and provides you endless entertainment and comfort for a memorable trip Vietnam .

    Airlines is Vietnam’s.

    National carrier and the right choice for you takeoff on Vietnam .

    Airlines for Vietnam here are their contact.

    Numbers bass arigato is unique qualifies to decide the perfect got holiday in Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Cambodia .

    Indonesia Laos or Myanmar for you we organised package tours and leisure tours in whole Vietnam in .

    Asia we know that we can send you on a trip you can remember forever thank you and see you soon .

    I’m Rebecca black well with golfing country here we are in Hanoi and it’s come to an end we sadly we have to head home well .

    I’m Marc Stuart and .

    I hope you enjoyed this show just as much we enjoyed putting together for you this has been a real special feeling for us and .

    I hope we can express that feeling to you and so until.

    Next time let’s make this world a better place [Music] [Music] be sure to watch gulping country and hotel video showcasing our regularly scheduled.

    Nationwide TV shows and catch up on all the golfing destinations we have visited on our YouTube channel golfing Country TV and hotel video showcase we have a lot of YouTube channels TV channels one of them is hotel video showcase so whenever we see a hotel that we want you to know about you can find it there there’s also golfing country TV it’s called golfing Country TV on YouTube great place to go to see the latest in golf courses or ones that we visited through the years and of course for our hometowns in Heroes TV show we have on YouTube hometowns and heroes so please go to that and if you want to know about restaurants top restaurant videos so we have a lot of channels that our TV channels where they are very full packed with information and they’re on YouTube

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