Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun | Full Walkthrough Tour 4K | 2020

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greetings everyone this is danny from hearttravel.com your luxury all-inclusive experts and today i’m at the beautiful leblanc spa resort cancun one of our favorite places anywhere in the world we absolutely love this resort looking behind me you can probably see why you’ve got these amazing infinity edge pools phenomenal views from the rooms but what it’s all about is the incredible spa the phenomenal food and the service the service is really what brings our customers back here time and time again you have people that have been here for a long time they recognize you they’re incredibly attentive and they really make the vacation amazing.

    Now the location of this particular resort is in the cancun hotel zone which means that you’ve got golf close by you also have some of the best world-class shopping anywhere here located just a few blocks away in addition to that you’ve got some lively.

    Nightlife just off the resort and then of course well this beautiful spa resort follow along and let me show you what it’s all about as soon as you exit the lobby you walk down to the pool and you get one of the most incredible views anywhere at any resort in the entire world this massive infinity edge pool is set up where you have a shallow shelf all the way around the sides you see all of these loungers are actually in the water you can put your feet in the water and then of course you can walk down the steps and drift out to look at the incredible view of the ocean it actually looks like the ocean and the pool are one just one continuous lagoon.

    Now continuing on through the pool you’ve got loungers all around the outside you’ve got the large double loungers single loungers they’re gonna have bar service and food service throughout the entire pool area and the beach as well we’ll get to that in just a minute but one of the other things that i love about this particular pool is they have a phenomenal swim up bar you can’t have a pool like this without an amazing swim up bar head over grab a glass of champagne and then well you can see this is what it’s all about continuing along to my left you have blanc restaurant you also have an outdoor terrace here but i just wanted to point out the way the resort is set up it’s tiered so up top you have a large terrace there’s another pool up there and then as we step down here you’ve got the large infinity pool there’s another terrace down below with a hot tub and then of course the beach but continue on with me i just wanted to show that there’s other seating over here as well you’ve got a ton of lounge seating including loungers that look directly out at the amazing ocean views and one of my favorite places to tuck away the beautiful hammock up in the corner so i couldn’t just talk about the hammock had to go up and use it you’ve got this.

    Nice private secluded terrace up here tucked away a.

    Nice fan the quiet speakers and well cut right i’m going to take a break for a minute oh see you guys in a bit so this is a perfect place to take in another view of this amazing infinity edge pool and you can see the main resort building right behind me up on the top floor all of those are presidential suites they actually wrap around to the other side and what you’re seeing primarily there are those honeymoon oceanfront suites.

    Now if you want to check out a tour of any of the rooms here on property we’ve got separate tours for all of those make sure you check them out.

    Now we’re down on the last tier before we get to the beach once again you’ve got the lounger set up to take advantage of that amazing view and then over to the right you’re going to have showers so that’s perfect when you’re coming up from the beach they have a separate one down there but this is perfect if you want to shower off before you head back to the room.

    Now continuing on you’ve got a beautiful grotto feature to my right and then to my left you’re going to find a large oceanfront jacuzzi hot tub what’s unique about this particular one is well one the amazing views but also the fact that they have two hydrotherapy fountains built in that’s where i ended my day yesterday having a little relaxation looking out at that amazing view.

    Now continuing along to the corner i just wanted to point out the gazebo over here in the corner that is a perfect spot for a wedding in fact it’s one of the most popular spots on the property itself but you can also use this and the terrace here for a private reception a group or just a.

    Nice get-together one really cool thing that i fell in love with while i was here was the turtle sanctuary that you see down behind me.

    Now turtles lay eggs all throughout the beach here in the hotel zone believe it or.

    Not they have biologists that go out and as soon as a guest or anybody lets them know a biologist will go out they’ll actually dig them up and they bring them over here.

    Now these are going to start hatching throughout the day when they do they bring them inside actually and then they release them later in the.

    Night with the help of guests in fact guests have released over 10 000 turtles at the palace resorts here in the cancun area it’s just such a cool program to be part of.

    Nature but also know that they’re taking that care to make sure and preserve their habitat as well so.

    Now we are down at the beach and you know from up above and from all of these rooms you get these insane views but this is what it’s all about a lot of people love to come here and take advantage of everything that you can on the beach you’ve got these complimentary loungers behind me those are set up throughout the entire beach area you also have these shaded areas those are for an additional cost if it’s something that you’re interested in and then they also have phenomenal belly beds as well.

    Now those also are an additional cost and it’s where they’re going to set up some of those romantic dinner options in the evening and then of course you can get down married down here on the beach or have a.

    Nice little reception throughout the entire beach area you are going to have bar service you’re also going to have food service and it is a beautiful white sandy beach with incredible blue turquoise waters just in the distance but you know for sure if you know me this is where you’re gonna find me i’m gonna have a captain morgan and coke in my hand in just a few minutes tribute to my dad and well there we go i’ll see you guys later on the flip side.

    No just kidding.

    Now every great beach deserves a phenomenal beach bar this is the one here at leblanc they even have really high quality qsc speakers it’s a company from southern california we know them really well but it just shows the attention to detail that they provide.

    Now of course they’re going to provide service throughout the beach and that includes the fact that they have a bunch of extra umbrellas so if you want to sit out there directly in the sun perfect or if you’d like they’ll happily bring out an umbrella food or drinks to you.

    Now just before we head up the stairs here to my left you have one of the showers there’s an outdoor shower here rainforest shower head and then a separate shower head down below to wash the sand off your feet as a continuation of the immaculate service they also have a pool concierge and beach concierge as well you can see all the towels set up here but they can also provide you with things like sunscreen or if you forgot an item or if you just have a special request they’re always happy to assist.

    Now continuing along you’re going to find blanc snack so it’s exactly what it is it’s a snack bar you’re going to find all kinds of different uh well burgers and things along those lines also healthy options as well and one of my all-time favorites tacos by the pool so we continue around the corner i can’t wait to show you glace this is the ice cream shop i wanted to give a big shout out to our great friend teresa shields she’s our colleague and absolutely loves leblanc but describes this as her ultimate happy place i can’t really blame her they have milkshakes a wide variety a ton of different ice cream options different kinds of ice cream sandwiches and a wide variety of popsicles.

    Now as you look in here you’ve got the the milkshake set up you’ve got all the different toppings here on ice a ton of different ice cream options in fact i’m staring down that cinnamon roll and a mexican coffee in just a minute here and cookies up above as well.

    Now if you do get into a bind of course in case of emergency you can always find the extra scooper right here so generally we keep going with the tour but i think right.

    Now is the perfect time for a popsicle break and well put this behind me hmm up on the third floor you’re going to find another large terrace and once again an amazing infinity edge pool to take advantage of these incredible ocean views another perfect place to either sit on this large bench seating that they have in here swim up to the edge of the infinity pool and look out at the ocean.

    Now around the pool they have large double loungers they also have single loungers and just behind here is actually the cavo bar that’s a perfect place to visit in the evening before you’re heading out for a drink they also do entertainment in there we’ll get to that in just a second but they have a double terrace out here essentially so you have the terrace for that or you can step inside.

    Now continuing on you’re going to find the terrazza wood fired bistro this is a fantastic breakfast lunch and dinner option as you head around here you can see where the tables start and it’s kind of the hybrid between the restaurant and this ultra lounge seating.

    Now continuing over to the restaurant itself they do have a wood fire grill a touch that i absolutely love you have a la carte breakfast menu items for those who want to eat outside of course down in blanc you can also eat indoors as well and then lunch they have a fantastic wide variety of pizzas al pastor pizza was absolutely insane and then all kinds of wood fire grilled options.

    Now in the evening it turns once again into a casual dinner option taking advantage of that wood fire grill and you can have some phenomenal things from the grill so we’re just inside the cavo lounge.

    Now this is kind of a bar ultra lounge and sports bar all in one it’s set up just behind the upper infinity pool it’s kind of where the fire bar is at cabo san lucas leblanc and if you want to check out that tour as well of course we have that full resort tour but i love all the tie-ins between the spaces and the two resorts you’ve got a full stage in fact this evening they’re going to have a live band here they mix that up throughout every single.

    Night and then continuing along you see the full bar it’s a fantastic bar in fact they have all of the accoutrements all the little syrups and there’s some anise right there so that they can make all of the unique cocktails and then of course all the classics.

    Now as you walk around the edge of the bar you kind of get into more of the sports bar portion you’ve got some huge tvs in here they’re actually really massive and then right around the corner here you have a pool table you have more seating you got a large couch and chairs and in fact it’s really cool with the side tables are actually luggage this is that perfect place if you want to come before dinner it’s also a fantastic option after dinner and of course getting together with some friends playing a little pool.

    Not bad so the way the resort is set up is that the front of the resort of course looks at the ocean you’re going to get the sunrise and the sun’s going to progress over the resort throughout the day right behind me you’re going to see the lagoon pool so in the morning it’s in the shade it’s a very relaxed chill space and then throughout the day as you get more sun you’re going to see more people start to fill in here and then utilize it for all of the wonderful things that it provides.

    Now it’s located very close to the spa and they even have a full spa restaurant set around the pool if you’re looking for a healthy option they have some great things like smoothies all kinds of different superfoods but also different takes on foods like a portobello hamburger instead of having the beef in there so a lot of great options you can take advantage of this around the pool to my right you’re going to find the swim up bar of course you can walk up to it as well but i think it’s always best to get a drink when you’re swimming up from the pool and then continuing along you can see a couple of the activities so in the pool itself they’re going to do the spinning class actually put the bikes down in the pool they’ve got floating yoga mats that also are utilized in the pool so if you’ve got some great core strength or want to work on it you can take advantage of that and then there’s also fun pool games they’ve got connect for jenga and even water volleyball in the pool itself so continuing around the space you have a ton of very comfortable loungers set up they do have umbrellas they also have a couple chairs as well and then continuing on you have a couple outdoor gazebo areas.

    Now these two are used for different kinds of wellness activities a lot of times for yoga stretching meditation something like that and then this entire pool in the evening it can actually transform into a private event space so if that’s something you’d like to utilize it for you can but of course on this side of the resort you’re going to get the sunset just behind the beautiful lagoon and maybe one of those perfect spots for that is the lovely hammocks because well always love to relax in the hammock just like all of the exquisite outside spaces every single space inside the hotel as well has been completely updated you see the beautiful furniture the.

    New light fixtures that they have over there and all of the elegant decor in fact one other thing i love to point out is behind the check-in desk you can see all of the five diamond awards that they have received and this is one of those few properties in this area that has as you continue through the lobby and enter the lobby bar the first thing that you see is the incredible view out over the infinity edge pool to the caribbean sea it’s absolutely stunning.

    Now this space is perfect early in the morning if you want to have a.

    Nice place to grab a cup of coffee in the afternoon it’s a great place to read and once again take in the insane views if you want to be in the air conditioning and then later in the evening they have music and it’s a perfect place to have a cocktail before dinner in fact i’ve been here quite a few times already and looks like the bartender knew my order which is something that our customers tell us over and over again that they love about leblanc many of these employees have been here since the very beginning 15 years ago and as our customers come back over and over again and as i come back we’re greeted and remembered and it’s that familiarity and just the fantastic service that’s tied to that that we love so much so you have really comfortable and beautiful seating throughout i just wanted to point out the stage area here and then the piano to my right they’re always going to have softer quiet and very relaxing music and here in the evening it’s a perfect place to grab a drink before dinner when it comes to food leblanc is so far ahead of all the other all-inclusive resorts in this area it’s.

    Not even close their attention to detail is immaculate and of course they’re going to have fine quality ingredients but what i love about it is their dedication to authenticity currently we’re right inside the yama japanese restaurant and this truly is a fantastic japanese menu it was designed by chef yamamoto who it’s.

    Named after fortunately he did pass away recently but what we love about this particular concept is that for each of the styles of restaurants they’re digging in with an authentic chef it’s.

    Not just an amalgamation and a fusion like you’re going to find at most other all-inclusive resorts they really do take fine dining to the.

    Next level let me show you what this restaurant is all about as soon as you walk through here you are automatically transported into a japanese style restaurant you can see the beautiful decor once again themed throughout the entire property they’ve got a beautiful wall of wine that complements your choices here and then as you continue on through you can see that you have booth seating over to the side you’ve got tables for two four or if you have a larger social group with you six eight or even bigger and as you continue along you have another booth here and then set at the back of the restaurant they have a private room so if you want to upgrade your experience and dine with some of your friends this is the perfect spot for that one of the things that i personally love about this particular restaurant is that it is casual in the evenings each one of the restaurants has its own personality and its own dress code so you can decide what works for you bon giorno and welcome to bella italia this is the italian fine dining restaurant here on site my family and i have spent a ton of time in italy and what i’ve loved so much about dining here is that every single meal has been a fantastic authentic italian experience in fact at all inclusives i.

    Never ordered the risotto and the risotto here was one of my all-time favorites i’ve ever had i broke my cardinal rule just like on top chef to.

    Not try that but of course as they always do they did deliver as we walk through the space i just wanted to point out they have two different tiers so they’ve got an upper tier here where you have your booth seating and then of course tables for two and as we continue along you have tables for two and four and then of course they can put them together if you’re traveling with a group of friends just behind me you’ll see the wine presentation those are all of the included wines here they have a fantastic offering in fact they only offer wines in the complementary level that are 80 points or higher but of course if you want you can upgrade that experience as well the menu is robust and it will take you on a beautiful journey throughout italy starting with the antipasti whether you want that insulating caprese or a fantastic soup moving on to preemie where you have risotto options all kinds of pasta i actually love the ravioli and then finishing off with a wide variety of entrees that include seafood steak pork and chicken dishes as well to cap it off they do a fantastic presentation of tiramisu made tableside to complete that beautiful journey lumiere french is considered the ultimate fine dining experience at leblanc both in los cabos and cancun this is a fine dining experience that’s meant to elevate the senses it’s a true journey through france but more than that it’s all about the curated menu options the presentation and how you get to enjoy this incredible meal.

    Now let me take you inside and show you what it’s all about as soon as you walk through the curtains you’re transported to france you’ve got beautiful classical music on in the background the dimmed lights the elegant chandelier of blown glass up above the wine setting in these beautiful cases just behind me you know that you are in an elegant french restaurant they’ve paid every attention to the menu once again as you would expect from leblanc whether you want to start with that fantastic escargot one of my favorites or a lobster appetizer there’s several to choose from and then as you continue on through the menu you have fantastic salad options and then one of my favorites french onion soup.

    Now moving on to the entrees i love the duck confit or the boof borgenyon in fact it transports me back to my grandmother’s kitchen where she used to always watch julia child and jacques papan and learn about french cuisine in fact that’s where i learned about it myself as we continue through the space you can see that they have tables set for two and four so if you’re dining as a group or individually they’ve got you covered but one interesting thing about this particular restaurant is they also have two private spaces so tucked away just in the corner you can have an elegant dinner for two or four or if you’re traveling with a larger group of friends and you want to have a more elegant setting in here as well you can head up these beautiful marble stairs another fantastic blown glass chandelier and you have this private dining room here where you can really elevate an already phenomenal experience.

    Now this beautiful space is blanc it’s used for breakfast lunch and dinner immediately to my right when you walk in you’ve got the red wines displayed you also have two wine fridges including one for the champagne makes me pretty happy as you walk into the space you can see you have different kinds of seating throughout it’s terraced as well so right here you’re gonna have the bench seats for two and four and then as we continue along you can see it has an open kitchen concept so for breakfast this is where the buffet is gonna be set up and then of course you’ve got your different stations here you can order eggs to order things along those lines as well but you’re gonna have displays on both sides and then you have seating down below as well two four six larger groups are perfect but what i love so much about this particular restaurant is that it is casual for breakfast lunch and dinner so when you move into the lunch menu you’re going to find a huge a la carte menu in fact i think there’s a couple dozen items on there and ranges from mexican to some fantastic asian dishes and a little bit of everything in between and then at dinner time this turns into the mexican restaurant and what i really appreciate about their menu here is that it’s very well thought out as from regions and all throughout mexico in addition to some pre-columbian foods so you really get to explore a little more of mexico through its cuisine so follow me into cacao this is the coffee shop and of course they have fantastic high-end chocolates here as well if you want a sweet or some caffeine this is the place for that they’ve got the espresso maker over there they use the lavazza coffee and then one really cool feature is they have this ripples coffee machine you can take a picture or a logo and they’re actually going to put it right into your coffee but as you follow me through you can see you have all of the display cases here in fact i’m well ready for a lot of those right.

    Now the macaroons truffles look amazing got more chocolates pastries and then well a crepe maker you’ll find me here just about every single day they have several different kinds of sweet and savory crepes that you can choose from and then as you continue along you see they have a small seating area here but of course you can take your coffee right out to the lobby just outside as throughout the brand they are constantly evolving and something that we.

    Noticed just a couple of months ago is they’ve added a.

    Nice selection of cold brew coffees as well so one thing that is unique about this particular coffee shop is if you are a coffee lover you’re gonna love it here and that’s.

    Not always the case an all-inclusive all right so i’ve got the hard travel logo in my coffee and ready to start the day so for those of you looking for some retail therapy of course they have phenomenal and very extensive fine shopping close by all around the resort but on site they also have two boutiques as well this one you’re going to find sunglasses you want to upgrade your swimwear collection or other clothing options they also have some great local artisan handicrafts so essentially if you don’t want to leave the resort you can get all of those things here as well in the other boutique you’re going to find some fine jewelry offerings they also have some upgraded items from brands such as prada and tiffany and company so if you want to surprise your partner while you’re here and maybe upgrade the entire stay that may be a perfect spot for you to stop in set just off the lobby you’re going to find the activities and tours desks so this is where you’re going to be able to make those spa appointments for the incredible spa that you’re about to see in addition they can also make golf reservations for you they have special.

    Negotiated rates with two jack.

    Nicholas courses.

    Nearby and then of course they can also make tour reservations for you as well and then as you continue on you’ve got more guest services desks set up here as well to tend to your.

    Needs so just outside the elevator bank on each floor you’re going to find your butler so they’re dedicated to you and your experience here it’s going to start with when you arrive they’re going to take you to your room show you what it’s all about and they’re also going to help you pack and unpack if that’s something that you would like them to do.

    Now throughout your stay in the room itself they can do things like draw a bath for you or just arrange just about any kind of service in the room itself and outside the rooms they can also do things like work with dining reservations that’s probably what we utilize the most for in addition to that any of those concierge services they’re happy to help with you’re definitely going to get to know your butler while you’re here and in fact that’s one of the worst parts of leaving is having to say goodbye but once again you’ll see them soon when you come back without a doubt leblanc is known for its spa and they do spa exceptionally well as soon as you arrive here you can see the beautiful check-in desk they’re going to give you the magic towel they pour a little water on it opens up for a refreshing start to the experience and then they’re going to also provide you with some infused water as soon as you enter the space you hear the fountains in the background and throughout the entire space you’re going to have this water journey that you follow along so you can see the beautiful logo of the blanc spa over to the right and then as soon as you enter in you’re going to have some teas and juices just to get that experience started.

    Now we’re just inside the gentleman’s locker there’s an identical one on the other side for ladies as well.

    Now as you enter in you’re going to be taken into the locker room they’re going to provide you with your robe and the sandals they even have a.

    Nice aromatherapy in here you can change and then head on through the.

    Next step is the sinks and the dressing room area you generally would use this as you’re finishing up your treatment before you head back out.

    Now continuing along on my right you’ve got the different shower stalls here i do love that they even have a really.

    Nice rainforest shower head in all of those and to the left you’ve got the restroom as we continue through this is where you’re going to start the hydrotherapy circuit there’s a separate hydrotherapy circuit in each of the locker rooms and this is one of the things that they’re really well known for right here on my right is where you are going to encounter the ice room so you see that it has ice coming down all the time it’s a cold space beautiful marble in here once again you’re going to take that ice rub it all over yourself and it’s kind of part of that treatments where you go between the hot and cold opening the pores and this is where you’re going to close them right back up in addition to temperature there’s aromatherapy in here and every single space in the spa so as we enter into the.

    Next part of the circuit you’ve got these stones down here they’re for reflexology on your feet as you head in and then to my left you’re going to find an infrared sauna it’s a really cool thing here obviously it’s a really.

    Nice big sauna but they even come in and they’ll spray you with a spritz it’s all part of the full experience and once again aromatherapy inside so continuing along you have the steam room to the left once again with aromatherapy i’m.

    Not going to open up because that’ll blow out the camera for you but right here you also have a shower rainforest shower head where you can pull down on that and rinse off in between.

    Now i mentioned this in the sauna but it’s so cool this is actually where they keep the spritzer bottle so here we go give taylor a little cool off all right and then they also are going to have these.

    Nice cold towels as well they’ll bring them into you while you’re in the sauna just a.

    Nice little treat that you don’t expect continuing on through the circuit they’ve got a.

    Nice assortment of healthy snacks which corresponds with the relaxation zone.

    Now keep in mind we’re still in the locker room area so this is a men’s only area and the identical women’s is on the other side.

    Now continuing along you have one of my favorites the hot stone loungers all of this is brand.

    New from the renovation and they did a great job with these because they get.

    Nice and warm perfect for the lower back continuing along you’re going to have your jacuzzi whirlpool right here and then at the very end you have two separate pools so one is going to be hot one’s going to be very very cold it was actually the perfect thing for me after filming a full day getting in there and cooling off the body and also icing the knee just a little bit but it’s.

    Nice to go back and forth and that’s what the whole water journey is about it’s about going back and forth between the hot and the cold and getting your body into the healing mode so before you head into the treatment rooms you come through the relaxation lounge so both the men’s and women’s locker rooms open into this area you’ve got snacks over on the side you’ve got teas juices and different infused waters but what this is all about is it’s about getting relaxed and in that zen mindset before you head in to get your spa treatment.

    Now you can see here that it’s set up in twos you have a.

    Nice dividing curtain in between and these are really really comfortable loungers.

    Now just past the relaxation zone you are going to find the treatment rooms once again this journey through water continues you’ve got a beautiful fountain over to my right and this water feature built all the way in around the spa.

    Now i’m going to take you into one of the solo treatment rooms this happens to be la vallee there’s a total of 19 treatment rooms here at the spa you’re going to have eight that are like this set up in a single configuration and then there’s also 11 of them for couples.

    Now they get the details right every single time this is a really.

    Nice massage bed it adjusts up and down and it’s one of the very modern ones and they put these in during the renovation you’ve got a sink over to my left you also have a shower just behind me and then of course the patented end of massage sadness or happiness i guess but ready for another one.

    Now we’re just inside one of the couple’s treatment rooms you can see it’s set up here with two beds very similar setup to the other room you’ve got a full shower over here you’ve got the swiss shower those extra jets that are really.

    Nice and refreshing you’ve got your sink over there but i wanted to point out a couple things in here little details make all the difference especially in the spa you see just underneath they have a.

    Nice aromatherapy setting that you can pick what it is that you like but what this is all about is what leblanc is all about it’s about romance it’s about getting away escaping everything at home and really just digging into that special time with your partner so i mentioned romance in the previous treatment room but if you are celebrating a big occasion a wedding an anniversary or just getting out of the house and enjoying an amazing vacation this vip room may be one that you want to consider they have several different treatment options you can put multiple treatments together and then you also have time to enjoy the room itself but let me show you what it’s all about over on the right hand side you’re going to have your massage beds just like in the other treatment rooms and that’s kind of a separate thing here but what’s unique about this space is you can essentially do the entire spa while you’re in here you’ve got a large jacuzzi soaking tub of course they’ve got the beautiful rose petals set up and they even have rose petals set up on the ground walking you around to your beautiful jacuzzi tub over to the left you’ll find two large chairs with the basins just below there’s a ritual that goes with the cleansing as you start the treatments and then right here well a little bit of champagne is always a great thing continuing on through you’re going to have your own sauna and steam room so once again you can take advantage of everything the spa has to offer right here in the room they’ve got some masks and different creams and things that you can utilize back and forth and you also will have access to a spa butler while you’re here over to my left you’re going to find the aromatherapy steam room and then right here to the to my right you’re going to find the full sauna.

    Now once again you’re going to get those butler services as well they’re going to bring you the cold towels and the spritz if you’d like set just between the two you’re gonna have a.

    Nice huge shower here you’ve got the swiss shower format and also two large rainforest shower heads up above and then continuing around the corner over here they’re gonna have a whole delightful palette set up for you they have these really.

    Nice chocolates once again everything adding to the romance so.

    Now we’re just inside the full service salon they have a wide variety of services just about anything that you can get done at home you can have done here whether you’re preparing for that amazing beachfront wedding or sunset wedding or you just want to get ready before you head out for the.

    Night this is a perfect spot for that to my left as soon as you walk in you have the manicure stations really.

    Nice and comfortable chairs continuing along you have the fish spa i absolutely love this my dad and i tried it for the first time when we were in cambodia and it’s kind of an interesting sensation but it’s a really cool concept continuing along you’re going to find the pedicure stations over here once again really.

    Nice big comfortable massage chairs and well big enough for my size 15 feet love a pedicure here and there continuing on in you can see they have the aromatherapy over in the corner so you even get that really.

    Nice refreshing aroma in here and.

    Now we’re in the salon portion you’ve got two over to my right two to my left just here and then you’ve got your hair washing stations right here they do have a partnership with chi brands and so everything in the spa they use chi continuing along i had mentioned getting married here at the property it’s something that’s very popular to do and right in here is the bridal suite you can see they have the mirrors set up there of course for the bride and the wedding dress trying on right there you’ve got a.

    Nice comfortable chair and then you’ve got your own private salon area in here as well just outside the spa you’re going to find the gym and fitness center in the same way that they’re dedicated to spa they put an incredible amount of energy and money in to fitness as well so right.

    Now i’m in the activities room they have full trx classes they have full spinning classes and they also have several pilates machines to do a full pilates class as well so in here you’re going to find all of the aerobic exercises essentially you also have the medicine balls you’ve got your kettles behind and then they also can do personal training in here for you.

    Now the gym itself is a pretty extensive space as well you’re going to have a ton of cardio you’ve got the treadmills ellipticals and then also stairs and bikes and then in the corner you’re going to have a ton of free weights i love that they have so many of them and a diverse variety of them you’re also going to have balancing balls medicine balls and then of course all of the circuit machines including the fish machines and you’ve also got leg press arms and well if you want to work it out you can do it here in the gym leblanc does an exceptional job with groups and all of this space here is dedicated to that whether it’s a wedding or you’re looking for a corporate incentive this is the perfect place to incentivize your employees i mean who doesn’t want to come to leblanc and just like the rest of the resort in the conference center they pay attention to all of the details and it’s a brand.


    Newly renovated space right.

    Now i’m in the foyer entrance area this can be used for lots of different things it’d be set up for a cocktail reception it can also be used for a private group check-in whether you’re having a wedding or a different type of group or meeting and then as you look around you can see that you have several different doors here heading into the conference space but their attention to detail is so exquisite they even have our logo right there and of course they’ll customize it however you would like so.

    Now we’re currently in the largest of the rooms and what you can see up above is that they have all kinds of tracks up there so they can divide this up in dozens of different configurations depending on how it works for you this is that perfect spot maybe for the initial meeting or an awards banquet but they have several different other spaces to utilize as well in fact let me take you over there and show you what some of those spaces look like when they’re set up so.

    Now we’re in the second largest of the conference spaces and once again they’ve got all the dividers so they can divide these up several different ways for you into different breakout room varieties.

    Now what’s really.

    Nice in here is they’ve set it up for us so you can get a visual representation of a couple different ways that they can prepare your group or wedding so right here you see that it’s set up in school or educational style you also have a large u-shape right here once again for education and just keep in mind these are the complementary options you can upgrade add other services flowers decor whatever it is that you would like.

    Now over here you can see the full bar setup in the corner and then right here is a setup that they’ll utilize for cocktail receptions so you’ve got a.

    Nice high top table here and then low top with a couple chairs as well.

    Now one of the best things for conferences about the massive renovation was updating all of the technology i see plugs absolutely everywhere and then of course they have phenomenal audio visual that they can assist you with but really this is a world-class resort and they can handle just about any kind of group setups that you’re looking for.

    Now i also wanted to show you a couple of the dining setups once again these are the complementary options for groups and we’re happy to.

    Negotiate the contract with you take care of all of those details so you don’t have to worry about that but this is one of the basic setups right here that you have and then as we continue along you can see the other table set up over to the far side.

    Now just in the middle you’ve got tables of course there’s.

    Nothing on them right.

    Now but this is where they’re going to set up a coffee station or different snacks or food throughout the day depending on what you would request.

    Now one of the things that makes this particular space so incredibly dynamic is that all of the windows here are actually a wall that opens up it’s going to take you right out to the wind terrace so you can have an indoor outdoor activity if you want reception or you can have a cocktail reception outside and then head right back in here for your dining experience.

    Now let me take you out onto the wind terrace.

    Now when you’re having a group incentive or meeting this is a perfect place for a cocktail but also it’s a very popular place for weddings either for the reception or for the wedding itself because set just behind me is the beautiful.

    Nazook lagoon and this is a phenomenal sunset view so you can imagine coming up here later in the evening having a wedding at sunset and then using the space right here or heading down to one of the restaurants first off congratulations for making it all the way through we really really appreciate it we love sharing incredible resorts like this with you and when you’re ready to book this beautiful resort or leblanc cancun or los cabos reach out to heart travel we are your luxury all-inclusive experts we know the space is inside and out and we know that we can create the vacation of a lifetime for you your friends and your family at an incredible value i think well as you can tell i started a little early but time to enjoy this amazing place see on the flip side hey taylor where’s the churro cart i mean i know they got great service awesome food but i was promised a churro cart awesome where’s the churro [Music]

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